Beautiful Brains

About —
Beautiful Brains is a mental health manual for the modern workforce. It helps employers create psychologically, safe environments.

Aim —
I redesigned Beautiful Brains for the Made of Millions foundation. Download the manual here. The updated design is guided by the existing visual system of Made Academy.

Process —
The design focuses on creating type-driven layouts while simultaneously working with the illustrations. I created playful compositions using color schemes, graphic elements, including gradients, illustrations, noise, and type. Not only does it add consistency, but it reimagines the aesthetic of conversations around "mental health." Instead of a serious tone, the resource is inviting.
As this manual is available online, I had to re-evaluate spreads as single pages. The layout is digital-friendly and works within print guidelines.
Role —
Lead Designer 

Deliverables —

Features —
Inc Magazine

Credits —
The work was created under Creative Director Anastasia Kuznetsova, Lauren O’Shaughnessy, and illustrations by Emily Eldrige.
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