Beautiful Brains

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Lead Designer 


Visual design, Brand development, and Editorial design

Beautiful Brains is a mental health manual for the modern workforce. It provides employers advice on how companies can create psychologically safe environments that best assist in employees' struggles with mental health.

I redesigned Beautiful Brains for the Made of Millions Foundation, a nonprofit organization on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health. The eclectic approach to design, tone and voice of the manual is inspired by the existing visual system of Made Academy, a mental health training curriculum. 

My aim was to reimagine the aesthetics of conversations around "mental health." The design focuses on creating a balanced approach between type-driven layouts and playful illustrations. Using a vibrant color palatte makes the resource inviting and offsets the existing seriousness around the topic of mental health. 

This manual is available online, so I re-evaluated spreads as single pages while planning layouts. The manual is digital-friendly and works within print guidelines.

I designed compositions using various graphical elements like texture, cropping, gradients, illustrations, and type to develop a bold yet whimsical look and feel.

Personal and Professional Project
This was created with Co-Founder and Creative Director Anastasia Kuznetsova, Illustrations by Emily Eldrige, Written and Edited by Lauren O’Shaughnessy, Aaron Harvey, Rose Cartwright, and Beth Roeser.

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