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Associate Digital Designer 


I was working on the microsite. My responsibilities included doing market research, creating style tiles, low-fi and high fidelity wireframing, prototyping, user interface design and leading the VQA testing.

Hinge is a dating app. We created their first ever national campaign and a microsite so that the resource gets a permanent platform. The campaign and microsite explores a twist on traditional FAQs for LGBTQIA+ daters.

Our team expanded on Hinge's brand identity while experimenting with typography and color application. The digital design team rethought an influencer-first campaign as a web experience. The goal was to have simple yet impactful interactions embedded into the microsite to keep the tone consistent throughout various mediums for the Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions campaign. We also focused on the back-end experience and creating a system that could be a templatized for adding new content.  

Campaign Identity with lock-up, annotation, type treatment, and color application. A large scale aesthetic with hand drawn elements to add humanistic value. 

Hero Animation

A hero moment that captures the audience and briefly introduces them to the influencers answering their Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions.

Desktop Landing Page

It begins with a carousel module, to give snippets of information shared by the influencers. Some hover interactions for the NFAQ section, scribble annotations in line with the campaign branding that personalizes each question. Micro cursor interaction for the accordion section, and so many more tiny fluid components. We created a dropdown for access to all questions at once.

Mobile first microsite

The NFAQ responses are accumulated into a single resource. It also gives the audience a chance to ask their own questions, engage with the influencer socials, promote the Hinge app and LGBTQIA+ resources.

Professional Project
This was created at Stink Studios with some incredibly talended folks. Digital Creatives Jaycee Masucci, Serene Wong, Brand Creatives Kevin Yoon, Garrett Close, Development Juan Laría, Kristofer Black, Production Allison Eng, and Zanah Thirus.


Gay Times

Hinge saw a 60%+ increase in dates among U.S. LGBTQIA+ users*