Made of Millions

Role: Lead Designer

Social Rebrand
Digital Guidelines
Custom Gradient Library

New York [2020]
Made of Millions is a non-profit organisation all about breaking stigma around mental health. Their resources reach over 3 million sufferers each year through editorial, video content and live-streaming services that can be accessed through Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. 

I lead a full visual rebrand of Made of Million's Instagram account, one of the organisation’s largest platforms. I worked on this rebrand in September 2020, during the pandemic. A time when mental wellness is crucial. 

The goal of updating the visual identity aims to add consistency, while redefining what conversations around "mental health" should look like. A system that works with the exsisting website, while keeping the tone of the foundation intact.

This involved creating newly designed social assets that are in an easy-to-edit templatetized form through new iconography, typography, and custom gradient library. 
Layouts for promoting various forms of content including editorial, online event promo, stats, and educational material were accounted for.

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