Made of Millions



Visual design, Design Stsyem, and Brand development


Made of Millions is a non-profit organization all about breaking the stigma around mental health. Their resources reach over 3 million sufferers each year through editorial, video content, and live-streaming services accessible through their website, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. 

I led a full visual rebrand of Made of Million's Instagram account, one of the organization's largest platforms. The rebranding took place during the pandemic, a time when mental wellness is crucial.
I wanted to add consistency while redefining the aesthetics of conversation around "mental health." I created a system that works with the existing website while keeping the tone of the foundation intact.

The process included designing social assets in an easy-to-edit templatized form. The new system included iconography, typography, and a custom gradient library.

A black and white palette is the base for the identity, but a bold color palatte with gradients can be applied to emotion and fluidity.

I accounted for layouts promoting various content forms, including editorial, online event promo, stats, and educational material. 

I designed various merch and multiple web posters for their Original Series that currently lives on their web platform.

The visual language was an extension of their centralised identity with a clear mission of engaging, building advocacy & educating a community.

I also worked with the Creative Director on more web based solutions. First, on Made of Millions website, and second on their Made Academy microsite landing page.

The design iterations for the Made of Millions platform included incorporating the donation CTA in the navigation bar. This gave it higher prominence and easy access to the users.
Other design iterations focused on the ham-burger menu. Updating the content structure to improve user engagement and expand user reach to the existing expansive content and driving account conversations.

Professional Project
This was created with Creative Director Anastasia Kuznetsova.