Digital Product
Visual Identity
User Interface
Copy Writing

Thesis Project created at Parsons School of Design 

8 Weeks

New York [2020]

Self reflection has a central role in aiding mental health. is a writing tool that helps to journal. The tool is thoughtfully designed to make journaling become low barrier to entry.

It begins by checking in with the user each time to make journaling a self reporting habit. It is especially useful in a time when there are barriers to physical forms of interaction. Mediums like tele-health and self-guided tools are gaining momentum. allows you to create a customized routine. The tool is adaptable to different needs, regardless whether the user is a beginner or a pro. The features allow users to answer a new prompt each time. The prompts require a nibble response and make you focus on the positive. A new prompt each time helps to ease the journaling process.

Additional functions include audio journaling and weekly challenges. Enabling audio journaling helps to answer prompts on the go or when you are tired. Weekly challenges focus on gratitude practice and are comparatively longer. Other features like ‘Focus Mode’ clear the screen and give a clean space to write without any distractions. The activity page motivates the user by showing their progress.

The visual system creates an engaging platform accessible to anyone. It consists of a pastel color palette, a consistent grid system, playful icons with friendly copywriting.

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