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7 Weeks

New York [2020]
Self-reflection has a central role in aiding mental health. is a writing tool thoughtfully designed to make journaling a low barrier to entry solution. Especially useful in a time when there are barriers to physical forms of interaction. Mediums like telehealth and self-guided tools are gaining momentum.

Product Insight
After doing market research, creating personas, was born. A product focusing on the user journey.

The user has the power to create a customized routine. Making the tool adaptable to different needs, regardless of whether the user is a beginner or a pro.

The user begins by checking in each time to make journaling a self-reporting habit. The features are designed to add incentives. This includes answering a new prompt each time to make journaling less repetitive.
Prompts that require nimble responses and intentionally make you focus on the positive.
Additional actionable functions include audio journaling that helps to answer prompts on the go. ‘Focus Mode’ a feature that clears the screen and gives space to write without any distractions. Weekly challenges that focus on gratitude practice and with prompts that are comparatively longer. An activity page that tracks progress.

Visual System
Journaling is a self-reflective process. Hence, leading to a muter pastel color palette. A strict grid system, playful icons with friendly copywriting to create an accessible platform. A typographic design system that creates a clear hierarchy.

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