Young Influentials

Role: Designer and Art Direction

Creative Direction
Marketing Collaterals
Print Ads
Award and Production


Timeline: 9 Weeks
New York [2018]

Every year, Adweek proudly presents the new talent who are part of the next generation of powerhouses shaking up the industry at an event called “Young Influentials”.

Target Audience
100+ influencers and industry executives. Each honoree is under the age of 40 and represents a different industry category spanning marketing, technology, media and entertainment.

Mission Statement
To have a theme of celebration using martinis. The cocktails are used to represent the vibe that these upcoming creatives embody.

Paper craft is used to visualize the playfulness, each nominee encompasses. The tone is fresh, smart, young, cool, hip and driven.

The imagery revolves around the Martini glass being the center of attention. It is photographed in different settings to showcase the various industries ‘Adweek’s Young Influentials’ include. The nominees could be creatives, influencers, directors, actors and other personalities that are the trailblazers in their respective industries.

My work encompasses on-set direction, campaign planning, concepting, building miniature paper models, prop styling, retouching, and more.

Trophy Concept
The trophy pushes forward the theme of celebration. It remains playful through its form as a cocktail shaker. Every nominee will recieve a unique cocktail shaker with three etched metal ice cubes with adjectives related to them. The ice cubes add usability factor. The trophy aims to make the event and the achievement memorable.

Out-of-The Box Marketing Idea
Life size photogenic acrylic glass, neon martini glass and Young Influentials signage are assets that bring on the instagramabilty factor and create in-person impact.

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