About —
amika is a haircare company that focuses on creating effective products for every hair type, texture, and style. Their brand ethos is to bend the rules while being a friend to your hair and planet.
I had the incredible opportunity to do a brand refresh on their direct to consumer e-commerce platform and build it from the ground up. 

Aim —
Rethinking of how the amika experience translates on a digital platform. Layouts and typography are extensions of the iconic product packaging. Playful interaction details that capture the essence of the company. The strategy to create an end-to-end shopping experience while thinking about potential customers and designing a system on the back end where projects can be scaled with fewer complications. Working with the e-commerce team, development team to understand their needs and restraints while creating a unique front-end experience. 

Process — 
This includes market research, low-fi and high fidelity prototyping, A/B testing, and constantly iterating to improve the customer journey.

Detailed case study is coming soon focusing on touch points including but not limited to —
  • Design System
  • Responsive Product Cards
  • Homepage
  • Cart Redesign with subscription implementation
  • PLP 
  • PDP 
  • Collections Landing Pages

Features —
Role —
Lead Designer 

Deliverable —
  • Ecommerce design refresh

Outcome —
30% higher ecomm sell-through vs. LY

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