Infamous Since 1864

Role: Design Intern


Short Video
Visual Collaterals

72andSunny for Smirnoff

4 Weeks

New York [2019]
After 25 years, Smirnoff debuted its first global campaign revolving around its 155 years of history.

Mission Statement
I used the new brand book to create posters and imagery around the 'Infamous Since 1864' campaign. The imagery revolves around historical glimpses of the brand. The tone is crisp, mysterious, and almost like it's a true-crime show.
The work was created under Creative Directors Hugo Bierschenk, Guy Featherstone, and John Krippahne with Justin Joo's copywriting.

Note: The nature of this work is confidential. If you would like to know more about my role in this campaign, let's chat!

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